Making Sense of Blockchain data

Business insights that increase retention and revenue using advanced blockchain analytics

About Detomena

As the blockchain ecosystem evolves our mission is to make sense of blockchain data for growth. Traditional analytics tools bring great value, but are not designed for blockchain data. We change this paradigm by applying state of the art Machine Learning and Deep Learning methods to blockchain networks and bring the best insights of on-chain user behaviours

Insights only data experts can give

cataloging & computing blockchain data to deliver on-chain perspectives for business growth, new services and products

designed for business users

Profile your user on-chain behaviour and measure campaigns with on-chain KPIs   

Integrated in a snap

Listen for on-chain data and gain immediate value with dashboards and best APIs

our story

A team of believers in open finance, blockchain and data science with unique set of skills.
We are committed to easy access, accurate and meaningful data services. All of what we do is done with consumer experience and expectations in mind. 

Do you want to go back to 2009 and mine Bitcoins?

Unfortunately we don't have a time machine but you can be the first to leverage blockchain behavioural insights to grow your business!
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